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Kofax PaperPort for PC

Manual paper processes that rely heavily on printing, faxing and mailing waste time and money—this is true for individual users and organizations of any size. To increase efficiency in the home office, or to digitally transform business processes to become more agile and connected, a streamlined document management solution is essential.

Kofax PaperPort allows individuals and organizations to scan, share, search and organize documents in a simple, integrated solution. With Kofax PaperPort, you can take individual or enterprise information management to new levels of productivity and security using the ultimate digital filing cabinet.

Combine fast, easy scanning with PDF creation to simplify document management

Store, share and find documents on the network

Capture information on the go from any device

Transform paper documents into actionable digital information

Digitize Documents so you can Work Like Tomorrow

Kofax PaperPort drives productivity, efficiency and collaboration through a variety of document management solutions:

Kofax PaperPort Standard

PaperPort 14/PaperPort Standard

Scan, organize, search and share documents and photos quickly and easily (for home office use).

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Kofax PaperPort Professional

PaperPort Professional 14

Combine fast, easy scanning tools with powerful PDF creation for simplified management of all your documents.

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Kofax PaperPort Professional

PaperPort Enterprise 14

Install PaperPort on every desktop in your organization to store and share documents on the network or in Microsoft SharePoint.

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