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Kofax IP Agility

As you work toward your digital future some traditional priorities remain – reducing invoice processing cycle times and driving down costs in accounts payable (AP).

Kofax IP Agility™ transforms time consuming, costly manual data entry into revenue-generating value-added automated operations. IP Agility automates invoice capture, extraction, classification and validation to reduce labor-intensive tasks for both PO and non-PO invoices. Lower your invoice processing costs and shorten cycle times to improve profitability and the bottom-line.


Best-in-class AP teams achieve per-invoice processing costs that are 82% lower than their peers, and invoice processing times that are 71% faster than all other groups.

Realize true cost savings

Get accurate invoice data into your ERP faster regardless of format

Free AP staff from manual work and errors

Achieve straight-through processing regardless of size

Strengthen supplier relationships

Realize a fast return on your investment

Speed Your Invoice Processing

Cut invoice cycle times by automating invoice capture, extraction, classification, formatting and validation. IP Agility offers:

Enhanced Data Matching and Validation

Ensure payments are timely, accurate and complete with 2-way and 3-way line pairing.

Automated General Ledger (GL) Support

Select a GL code manually and IP Agility retains vendor id, item line description, material number and GL code for next time.

Tax Code Processing

Automate the determination of tax codes and tax jurisdiction codes from invoice, vendor and PO data and apply rules for paying taxes.

E-Invoicing Support

Enable subscribed vendors to submit invoices as emails with attached XML and AP Agility interprets XML invoices and renders images.

Multilingual Support

Process invoices for many countries with the same solution.

Automated Classification and Sorting

Save time as non-invoices and misdirected emails are removed from the process and invoice type is automatically determined.

AP and ERP Integration

Integrate with any ERP, including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Oracle PeopleSoft, and Infor Lawson S3, as well as Kofax ReadSoft Process Director™ and Kofax Markview™ for AP.


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