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Capture Your Organization’s Invoices Globally with One Solution

Whether your suppliers are located in Europe, South America or Asia, ReadSoft Invoices™ is equipped to handle their invoices seamlessly with pre-configured settings for each country, including best practice validations and fields. Multi-language support that includes Asian languages rounds out this truly global solution.

Refine Financial Forecasting

Is your visibility into purchasing and cash management murky at best? With faster processing and seamless integration with your ERP, you’ll achieve a clearer view of purchasing and make better use of cash.

Optimize Existing Technology

ReadSoft Invoices is an end-to-end solution for invoice processing. Its extensive API makes it simple and fast to seamlessly integrate with any target ERP and archiving solutions. Full implementation can be achieved in as little as two days.

Streamline with Straight-Through Processing

Touch time is significantly reduced through the ability to automatically post invoices in ReadSoft Process Director™ or another finance application. And with just one workflow, all formats of invoices follow exactly the same process.

Make Supplier Relationships More Rewarding

Having up-to-the-minute information at your fingertips increases on-time payments, improves communication with suppliers and allows you to take advantage of early payment discounts.

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