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Consolidated, Centralized Infrastructure

Consolidate printers, scanners, fax machines, MFPs and fax servers so you can efficiently run all administrative tasks and connect with other applications from a central point

Reliable Communication

Ensure no confirmed message will ever be lost even if an individual component fails with a superior fault tolerant architecture and a unique notification system

Directive-Compliant Communication

Track and store all messages and the identity of anyone accessing the system on the server; prevent unauthorized access to information with different user security levels

Best Performance-to-Resource-Ratio

Lower your administration effort, hardware and network resources and rack space by reducing the number of servers required; all server components can even run on a virtual machine to save space

High Scalability

Leverage server-independent “plug and play” communication hardware and interfaces for fax, SMS and voicemail; there are no physical limitations as with PCI cards, and IP-based modules can be distributed on multiple servers

Open Architecture

Integrate virtually any physical device (MFPs, fax machines, analog or IP phones, etc.); open interfaces and a developer API allow integration of non-standard applications

Low Maintenance

Reduce your administration expenses, especially in a distributed environment, with a centrally managed architecture

Easy Usage

Integrate into virtually any standard e-mail environment or application without adding new applications to the user's desktop; user can send fax, SMS, email, voicemail messages from their mail client such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes; addressing automatically designates the provider, and non-delivery notifications can be sent back to the user's inbox

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