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Lifecycle Support Policy

The Kofax Software (Support) Lifecycle Policy was updated in October 2017. This updated policy will take effect upon renewal of your Maintenance. You can find the new policy document and a list of frequently asked questions and answers on our Support Details webpage.



Product Family
Ascent Xtrata Capture
Kapow Robotic Process Automation
Kofax Analytics for Capture Business Intelligence and Analytics
Kofax Analytics for Kapow Business Intelligence and Analytics
Kofax Analytics for MarkView MarkView
Kofax Analytics for Mobile Mobile
Kofax Analytics for TotalAgility Business Intelligence and Analytics
Kofax Capture Capture
Kofax Capture Advanced Reports Capture
Kofax Capture Import Connector - Web Services Capture
Kofax Communication Server Capture
Kofax Customer Communications Manager Customer Communications Manager
Kofax Export Connectors Capture
Kofax Express Capture
Kofax FraudOne E-signature
Kofax Front Office Server Capture
Kofax ImageControls Toolkit Imaging/VRS
Kofax Import Connector Capture
Kofax Insight (formerly Altosoft Insight) Business Intelligence and Analytics
Kofax MarkView for Oracle MarkView
Kofax MarkView for SAP MarkView
Kofax Mobile Capture Mobile Capture
Kofax Mobile SDK Mobile Capture
Kofax Monitor Capture
Kofax Reporting Business Intelligence
Kofax SignDoc E-signature
Kofax SignDoc SDK E-signature
Kofax SignDoc Web E-signature
Kofax SupplierExpress MarkView
Kofax TotalAgility Platform Smart Process Applications
Kofax Transformation Modules Transformation
ReadSoft COLLECTOR ReadSoft
ReadSoft DOCUMENTS <to do> ReadSoft
ReadSoft FORMS ReadSoft
ReadSoft INVOICEIT <to do> ReadSoft
ReadSoft INVOICES ReadSoft
ReadSoft PROCESSIT ReadSoft
ReadSoft Supplier Portal ReadSoft
Kofax Web Capture Capture
VRS Imaging/VRS